Vocal Fitness Studio by Maria Afxenti stands as the vibrant vocal department within the esteemed Funky School of Arts.

Rooted in a passion for vocal excellence, Maria Afxenti fosters an environment where aspiring singers can hone their craft, develop their unique voice, and embark on a journey of musical discovery.

With a focus on technique, expression, and performance, the studio offers a dynamic array of vocal training programs tailored to students of all levels and ages.

Through personalised instruction, innovative methodologies, and a supportive community, the Vocal Fitness Studio empowers singers to unlock their full potential, cultivate confidence, and thrive in the world of music.

Whether aspiring to pursue a professional career or simply seeking to enrich their musical experience, students at the Vocal Fitness Studio embark on a transformative path towards vocal mastery, guided by the expertise and passion of Maria Afxenti.